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Zeroll: The Original Ice Cream Scoop

When it comes to serving up a cool and creamy treat, an ice cream scoop is a must-have tool. But not all scoops are created equal. One scoop, in particular, has become an icon in the world of ice cream: the Zeroll scoop. The Zeroll scoop was invented in 1935 by Sherman Kelly, who worked as an engineer at the Zeroll Company in Florida. Kelly was tasked with creating a better ice cream scoop that could easily cut through hard ice cream without requiring excessive force or causing hand fatigue. He came up with the idea of using a conductive fluid in the handle of the scoop to transfer body heat to the scoop bowl, which would help soften the ice cream and make it easier to scoop. The original Zeroll scoop was made of aluminum and had a unique design that featured a rounded bowl with no seams or edges....